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I’m Ryan, a creative who has worked for more than 15 years as an art director, designer, illustrator and for a short time as a teacher. My career started working on national brands and has always been a mix of creative and design direction. I have a passion for breakthrough branding, originality in campaigns and intricate design detail.

At the moment, I work at Fort West — a brand and business consultancy in Portland, OR via my home in St. Louis, MO. I work at my own design studio Dog & Dwarf in my spare time for clients national and local.

My mission is to create, I am a dreamer, an idealist, a perfectionist, a mentor, a listener, a collaborator and a problem solver. My weapons of choice are fresh concept and execution and I do my best to always bring them to the table. Creativity is embedded in my life and I strive to enjoy what I work on and who I work with.

Drop me a line if you want to create something together.

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